Operations & Technology

Purchasing & Supply

Purchasing & Supply Proponent consulting provide optimum solutions in the purchasing process so that clients can reduce costs and achieve long-term savings by introducing efficient procedures based on best practices. We also work and assist to clients to coordinate purchasing across the organization and to acquire the right technology for their purchasing needs.


Performance Improvements

Insuring & implementing of best purchasing procedures and practices.


Technology Advice

Determination of Buyer and service provider technology needs, evaluation of vendors and purchasing systems, and assistance in all value chain stages of implementation from start to end process.


Product Development

Proponent consulting experience in product development with proven capabilities in market research, benchmarking, and analysis to assist companies formulate new product concepts, assess product development capabilities, and streamline development operations. We work in partnership with clients to improve and leverage their strengths to capitalize on market opportunities, identify synergies between products to maximize value creation, reduce development time and costs, and create products that drive long-term growth and profitability.


New Concept Development

Identifying customer needs, development of viable product concepts, and creation of detailed development programs that enable clients to bring concepts to market successfully as required.


Product Portfolio Management

Our methodology optimizing the product development pipeline to create long-term value and brand awareness. Supported by market analysis to determine the most ideal opportunities and product launch scenarios, identify product synergies, and ensure optimal resource allocation which diversify risk as well.


Process Redesign

Our best practices assist clients streamline their development processes to achieve greater efficiency and generate superior products more quickly and at low cost.


Capability Development

After in-depth analysis of capabilities required by client for product development and objective assessment of client SWOT, resulting in the determination of which functions to outsource, along with the development of best practice capabilities required.