Leadership Development

Proponent consulting Leadership Development

Proponent Consulting Leadership Development creates customized leadership solutions for a wide range of Global 50 companies. We work with our clients to accelerate the development of their leaders as a source of value and competitive advantage. We are highly effective and dynamic, working collaboratively with clients based on their strategy, culture, and values.


Leadership Development Strategy

With leadership demand at an all-time high, the importance of developing complete leaders who are prepared to advance in the organization is magnified. Current and future leaders – your most valuable asset – must be able to execute your business strategy and drive business results.


Leadership Development Programs

Effective leadership development programs equip you with the tools you need to turn leadership development into a strategic lever for change. They are designed to accommodate your limitations on time and resources, with an emphasis on learning in face-to-face settings.


Action Learning

As said action learning, is "learning by doing" or "experiential learning" in a controlled environment. It directly links executive development to immediate strategic needs, touching attitudes and behaviors in ways that support successful organizational transformation.


Executive Coaching

Executive action coaching is a process that fosters self-awareness and leads to the motivation to change. While traditional coaching focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships, often lacking clear milestones for success, action coaching links self-awareness with business results to create both individual and organizational transformation.