Finance & Risk

Proponent Consulting Finance & Risk works with Chief Finance Officer's and other senior finance and risk management executives of leading corporations and financial institutions. We provide a range of services that has proven and which provide effective, customized solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving roles, needs and priorities of these organizations.


Finance & Risk in Financial Services

Proponent Consulting provides leading financial institutions with solutions covering all aspects of risk management, including its application to financial management. Decades of work and advance research with the world's top 100 financial institutions have given us a unique global perspective on the challenges they face today.


Corporate Risk

Top corporations connect with Proponent Consulting to more effectively manage risk across their organizations. By enabling our clients to make risk-adjusted strategy, better investment strategy and capital allocation decisions, they ultimately improve performance and provide optimum solution to create value.


Action Learning

As said action learning, is "learning by doing" or "experiential learning" in a controlled environment. It directly links executive development to immediate strategic needs, touching attitudes and behaviors in ways that support successful organizational transformation.


Compliance & Governance

Proponent Consulting's Compliance and Governance practice works with financial institutions to ensure that their compliance and governance frameworks, practices and organizations are robust and managed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of specific country, and that any compliance issues that arise are addressed quickly, effectively and efficiently by our experts on time.